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Need help with a website?

Bar Nuthin Enterprises designs and publishes websites using the services offered by ®.

I've found it to be full of options and capable of doing about anything that I would expect it to do. websites provide robust coding capabilities and hundreds of pre-built "apps" that can be customized to do just about anything you can imagine.

You can check out the many features that a Wix website can provide by clicking here.

But isn't Wix available to anyone, why wouldn't I just do it myself?

Well, you certainly could. You might even find out you enjoy it, or have skills you didn't realize. If so, congratulations and good luck in your quest.

On the other hand, maybe you don't have time - or you find out you just can't quite crack the secret to get the results you want.

In that case, maybe I'm your guy! I'd be happy to discuss it with you so we can decide if it makes sense for me to help you get your website up and running.

We'll discuss what type of site you're after. Whether it's business or social, we'll figure out if your goals and my skill set are a match.

Give me a shout and let's discuss your project. Maybe I'm the help you've been looking for!

Visit my Contact Page


Download this easy to use website questionnaire about what you might want for your custom designed website. 

When you're finished answering questions, just click "send" and it will email the information to me.

It's that easy, and only takes a few minutes!

*for full functionality, document needs to be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

< Download it here for FREE!

Bar Nuthin Enterprises, LLC

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